Priori CoffeeBerry Finishing Touch (14g)


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Product Description

This Priori CoffeeBerry Finishing Touch is the perfect way to set the minerals for the day with a flattering softening effect on imperfections. It keeps oily shine in check and has a natural, matte finish.  Gentle on your skin with a 'light as a feather' luxurious formulation.  Creates a flattering, naturally perfected finish with minerals that scatter light to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and pores seem invisible.

Product Hints and Tips

Expert Opinion

This is the hero product for all skin types but especially those oily open pore skins. For the more oily skin types apply Priori CoffeeBerry Finishing Touch first and also then apply it last to provide maximum shine control. Customers really do get excited by the ability of this product to absorb the shine throughout the whole day.


Protected by US and International pending patents. The CoffeeBerry® trademark and related pending patents are exclusively licensed by J&J Technologies, LC.